One in seven Australian children live in poverty, and thousands of children suffer abuse and neglect every day in Australia. Every child deserves to feel the joy, love, and happiness of Christmas. Barnardos Gifts for Kids appeal aims to ensure no child goes without at Christmas.

Q. What is Barnardos Gifts for Kids?
A. Barnardos Gifts for Kids is an annual charity appeal run by Barnardos Australia, with the aim to send at least one Christmas gift to the 10,000 children and young people that are in our services. This initiative invites companies, schools, community groups and individuals to donate cash and gifts online or to fundraise for us. All donations help Barnardos Australia provide critical, practical support for some of the nation’s most disadvantaged children and young people over the holiday period. 

Q. Why support Barnardos Gifts for Kids?
A. For many kids, the festive season is not a time of happiness or celebration and sadly many never experience a decent meal, let alone the joy of receiving a present. By supporting Barnardos Gifts for Kids, you will be sharing in the true spirit of Christmas. By helping to make Christmas a time of celebration for children and young people in Barnardos Australia's care and others in disadvantaged communities across the country. Kids facing homelessness, poverty, disadvantage, neglect and abuse need your help.

Q.  How do I get involved in Barnardos Gifts for Kids 2017?
A. If you are an individual, simply visit our online toy store or donate online. If you are a business or a school please contact Barnardos Gifts for Kids on giftsforkids@barnardos.org.au or (02) 9218 2308

Q. When is Barnardos Gifts for Kids?
A. Barnardos Gifts for Kids runs from late October up until Friday 21 December 2017. 

Q. Can I donate food? 
A. Unfortunately we no longer accept food donations.

Q. Can I donate used toys?
A. We ask that gifts donated are brand new, unused gifts, ensuring safety and allowing each child to feel truly special on Christmas Day.

Q. How do I know what gifts to donate?
A. The gifts available online are chosen by Barnardos Australia for the children in our care. Please exclude plush toys, toy guns, knives and swords (due to safety reasons).

Q. Why do you prefer me to donate gifts and cash online?
A. By donating money online you are enabling us to buy the gifts we know young people and children want. It also means we can maximise the number of children we can support.

Q. Where can I get further information or who can I contact if I have an issue donating?
A. Please contact our friendly staff via email giftsforkids@barnardos.org.au or call us on (02) 9218 2308.